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Come Tie The Knot at Pride!

Marriage Ceremony

What better way to celebrate your love than by getting married at Fremont's celebration of the LGBTQ+ community!

With our rights constantly being debated at the state and federal levels, we wanted to offer this service to any of our community members in and surrounding Fremont who might be feeling a sense of urgency, or who are looking for a fun and unique way to celebrate their love!

Here are the details:

At 10:30am, a group wedding ceremony will be taking place on the corner of Front St. and State St. before the parade starts. Any and all couples are invited to stand in front of the Fremont Pride parade float (trust won't be able to miss it!). Invite your friends and family to stand around you as you exchange vows, rings, and say, "I do!" Parade step-off is at 11:00am. All newlyweds will be invited to join us on the Fremont Pride float, and help Grand Marshal the parade! After the parade, couples are then invited to come into Walsh Park (free of charge!) and will be recognized at the beginning of the festival, and will have an opportunity to share their first dance as spouses. What better way to start our celebration!



1. Obtain a marriage license from the Sandusky County Probate Court. You can fill out the application online, but when you go to the court to pickup your marriage license, both parties must be present and must bring valid photo ID's. The cost for the marriage license is $57 (or $60 if you pay with a card). The license is only good for 60 days. 

2. Schedule a civil ceremony at the Fremont Municipal Court. Make sure you schedule this within 60 days of obtaining your marriage license! The fee for weddings is $25. Weddings are done by appointment only, and are normally on Fridays. When you show up for your ceremony, make sure you have your ID's and your marriage license!

3. Once you have scheduled your civil ceremony, please fill out the form below to register for the Pride wedding ceremony.

4. Arrive at the corner of Front St. and State St. at 10:00am to check in at the Fremont Pride float, tie the knot, then live happily ever after!

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