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This year's festival marks the third year, holding a Fremont Ohio Pride Festival! Fremont has a rich LGBTQ community that deserves to be celebrated. We appreciate you coming out to show your support for our community, local businesses, artists, and more! Please use our #fremontohiopride hashtag when posting any of your beautiful pictures! 2023 also marked the first year that entry to the festival was entirely donation based. We are constantly working to support our local community and make our celebration as accessible as possible. We hope you had a very Happy Pride and we can't wait to see you next year!

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12:00PM -

Festival Began at Walsh Park

3:00PM -

Drag Queen Story Time held in the Festival's Family Fun Zone

5:00PM -

Presentation and Q&A portion of the Fremont Pride Drag Pageant

7:00PM -

Festival Ends

8:00PM - 

Crowning of Mr., Miss, and Mx. Fremont Pride at Da Love Pitt

10:00PM -

After-Party Drag Show Started

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Fremont Pride took place on July 8, 2023. It started at noon in Walsh Park and ran until 7PM.


The Performance and crowning portions of the Fremont Pride Drag Pageant began at 8PM located at Da Love Pitt. We'd like to thank everyone at Da Love Pitt for housing our pageant and after party, as well and our drag shows throughout the year!

Congratulations to our newly crowned 2023 Fremont Pride Court: Mr. Adonis Lee Ohara, Mx. Anthony Solo Jackson, and Miss Ulani! We'd also like to give a huge round of applause to all our amazing drag artists, live music, and local talent for providing entertainment and bringing your queer art to our small town.

We'd also like to give a HUGE thank you to our host, Stevie Phoenix, and all our amazing board members and volunteers who make all our Pride events happen! A big thank you to Sami Jo for DJing all day AND night to keep the fun alive!!

A special thanks and congratulations to Russell Exlos-Raber who received the 2023 Dameon Caldwell Community Heart Award for his all his hard work in our community!

Thank you so much to all our 2023 sponsors for their support and donations: Nwo Beverage, Toledo Pride, Lakefront Cargo, Equitas Health, Vicious Fruit, GLCAP Stricker Center Fremont, Ohio, Compass Behavioral Health, Georgjz, Time Staffing - Fremont, Fremont Fence, Zimmerman Builders, and Otto & Urban Greenhouse & Flower Shop!

Thank you to every food truck and vendors for coming out and sharing your amazing local products with us. We hoped you enjoyed them as much as we did!!

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Seen at 2023 Pride!

Check out this list of artists and businesses came out to celebrate Fremont's 2023 Pride!

K&K Funnel Cakes

Carousel Soft Serve

Queerest Gear

Compass Behavioral Health

Eternal Esoterics

Support The T

Jaron Micah Originals

Oak Harbor S.A.F.E

The Nerdy Krafter

Scentwick Candles

JPaint LLC

Cauldron Concoctions

Narty By Nature


The Crowned Jewel

Julie Jones

Tranquil Iris

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